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AmeriPlan® is a member of the National Association of Dental Plans.

Who We Are
AmeriPlan® was founded in 1992 in Plano, TX and has become the largest and fastest-growing Health and Dental Company in the United States.  The company is a member of the Consumer Health Alliance, National Association of Dental Plans, Chamber of Commerce, and has a very impressive "A+" Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Our Benefit Packages run as little at $25.00 per month and have no deductibles, no waiting periods, and can be used to treat all ongoing conditions.  There are over 400,000 health providers on our network, and the plans are accepted at all major vision centers, pharmacies, and every hospital in the country.

What We Offer
Ameriplan® offers an opportunity to make an incredible income from the comfort of your own home without selling products, having home parties, making lists of people, or bothering your friends or family. 

Both of the positions available can be worked on a part-time or full-time basis. You will also be able to choose if you want to work on the internet, or if you would like to work in your local area.
Regardless of how much or where you choose to work, you will have ALL the support, encouragement, training, and tools to guide you throughout your entire career.

The Available Positions
We offer two positions that are available immediately. Once you work with AmeriPlan®, you can choose to work with both positions, or simply work one. The choice is up to you.
*1st Position - Training Specialist/Recruiter
We are looking for people that will take pride in helping others work for our company. All you need is your computer and your phone to work. Every month, millions of people are searching online/offline to find a legitimate, work-at-home career, and now you can help them find that, all while making an amazing income from the comfort of your home.

We will train you, step by step, on how to master this position.  You must be coachable and willing to have fun interviewing people.
​*2nd Position - Benefits Specialist
We are looking for people that want to help people save money on their health benefits. This too, is a very rewarding position. Without you, millions of people wouldn't know about the wonderful benefits AmeriPlan® offers. You will be helping others save hundreds and thousands of dollars on the rising cost of healthcare.

What We Don't Do:
- NO Hard Selling 
- NO Making Lists of Friends or Family
- NO Home Parties
- NO Cold Calling
- NO Telemarketing
- NO Inventory to stock and sell
- NO exchanges of monies (all online)

We only have to contact people who requested information from us regarding what we offer!  This makes all the difference! We share the information, answer their questions, and let them make a decision of whether AmeriPlan® is a good fit for them. 

The Pay and Incentives
With AmeriPlan®, you will earn daily and monthly paychecks! 

With AmeriPlan®, we are paid two ways. We receive upfront pay and monthly residual income. Residual income is great because you keep getting paid over and over again for the work you did one time. You will continue to receive a portion of that same person's monthly membership month after month, year after year. So our checks keep growing every month. While we may enroll 10 this month and 10 next month, then we are getting paid for twenty and so on. And five years down the road, you are still getting paid for these same people provided they are still active and you will accumulate a LOT of people over time. This is how we have thousands of reps making $25,000 or $50,000 even $75,000 a year or more working from home part time. Residual income is powerful and truly life changing.

When you enroll a new team member to work with the company, you will receive between $40-$100 in upfront commissions and also a 40% monthly residual of $10-$16 per person depending on which level they choose.

When you enroll a new benefit plan, you will receive between $20-$50 in upfront commission and also a 40% monthly residual income of between $10-$16 per person depending on which plan they choose.

We Also Work With Many Fortune 500 Companies:

AmeriPlan® is a member in high standings with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

AmeriPlan® Offers Two Home Positions

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Click the video above to learn how AmeriPlan® is saving America Money!!

Click the video above to watch the "Good Morning America" special as Melanie Dobson mentions AmeriPlan® as one of the top ways to save on Healthcare Costs.

AmeriPlan® is partnered with the FBI on our National Child I.D. Program.


Earn your way into AmeriPlan's® "Cadillac Club" and into the driver's seat of this brand new Cadillac White Diamond Sports Sedan!!

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​​​​What You Will Receive
As a homeworkers/agents with AmeriPlan®, you will receive everything you need to run your business from home, plus many benefits!! 

~ You will get a Back-Office Website. This is where we enter all of our applications, check on our team members, and our paychecks. Basically, we run the business from this website.  

~ You'll receive Several Professionally Designed E-Commerce Websites with all of our services listed for potential customers to look at, locate providers, and enroll into a package.  (These websites are completely up and operational with your own URL.  All you will need to do is activate them. Domain name hosting, web site design, and maintenance is all provided by the company.)  

~ You will also receive Ongoing and Unlimited Training through our training website, conference call lines, training materials, and special training classes.
~ AmeriPlan® has a huge Customer Support/ Broker Support Center at our Corporate Headquarters in Plano, TX. They process all the applications for us, process payments, and field all of our customers' calls. This department also handles all of the administrative work for us, including bookkeeping, credit card processing, and payroll. When we enroll people into these plans, corporate mails out the membership cards and a 800#.  When the customers have questions, they contact AmeriPlan® instead of us. 

~ As an agents with the company you won't keep any inventory in your home.  AmeriPlan® mails the new broker packages and the membership packages along with their benefit cards. The company covers all of the shipping costs also.

~ Also, your entire household receives Ameriplan's® Largest Discount Package to Help Save You Money Every Day!
Direct Deposit is also provided as you promote within the company.
~ When you get started, you are going to receive a New Broker Package online with printable colored brochures, applications, and all the forms you will need.  

~ You will have me as a Personal Coach.  I will be there to help and guide you to build your business. I will make sure all of your questions are answered, and you have all of the tools needed to be a successful home agent.  I will also be providing you with people to contact (leads).

How To Get Started

As an Independent Business Owner There is a:

         -$24.95 annual enrollment 

With that, you're going to receive professionally designed e-commerce websites for your business. Also, AmeriPlan® has a customer service department at our home office in Dallas, they service all of our benefit members for us so when we enroll these plans, they mail them their membership cards and an 800# and when the customers have questions, they contact them instead of us.

We also have a small monthly Broker Fee. The first one is due when you get started, and your future fees will be treated as a payroll deduction as long as your residual earnings are larger than the amount of your Broker Fee. All of us that work have no problem covering it. The amount of your Broker Fee depends on which level you choose to come in at. *** In order to be eligible to receive paychecks, you will have to choose one of the levels.  

You have two options to choose from:   

  • Our Level One option is just $24.95 per month with a one time $20 registration. "With this level you will receive either the Dental Plus plan OR the MedPlus plan for your household, whichever one you would like to have.

  • Our Level Two option is just $39.95 per month with a one time $30 registrationWith this level, you will receive all the benefits included in the Dental, Vision, Rx and Chiropractic PLUS the Tele-medicine, Hospital Advocacy and Ancillary Services for your entire household.      

No matter which option you choose, you will have the potential to earn an INCREDIBLE INCOME right from the comfort of your home, and also receive a FANTASTIC Benefit Package for you and your entire household!!!

Small Business Tax Deductions
In addition to the benefit of generating an income from the comfort of your home, you also receive huge tax deductions.

As an Independent Contractor, you will receive a HUGE tax deduction. You will be able  to write off your monthly Broker Fee, a portion of your mortgage or rent, our electric, phone, computer, internet, gas and more. Any additonal overhead expenses like paper, pens, ink, or business cards are also a write off.

You will be AMAZED at the savings you will receive!!


Bonus Earnings

FAST Track Program

RSD within 30 days is $300

Rookie of the Year

Rookie of the Month will be awarded $500.00
Rookie of each quarter will be awarded $1,000
Rookie of the year will be awarded $3,000

Want to Get Started Working?

Get back in touch with the person that sent you to this site.  They will talk with you, answer all your questions, and get you training and working within the hour.

Click the video above to watch the special on "60 Minutes" as the American Medical Review explains how people can save money on Health and Dental Costs by using AmeriPlan® Discount Plans.

Parent's Magazine mentions AmeriPlan® as one of the Top 25 ways for pregnant women to save money on Healthcare Costs.